Learn To Respect Money

by - July 13, 2018

Learn To Respect Money

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Singer, television actor and anchor Abhijeet Sawant came into limelight when he was adjudged the first winner of the music reality show "Indian Idol". Coming from a modest Marathi family in Mumbai, he was often spotted singing at festivals and community gatherings, especially during Ganeshotsav. the singer spoke on why money is sometimes more important than love.

  • Money Philosophy

Money has played an important role in my life. Even more than love. Why I give more importance to money is because if you are a humble person, you will be anyway loved and respected by all, but if you are penniless, I think no one will love you, respect you or take care of you. Also without money, you won't be able to take care of your loved ones.

  • First Big Purchase

A Skoda in 2007. The car cost me more than Rs.20 lakh as it was a premium luxury vehicle in India back then. This transaction changed my life as it was the first big-ticket purchase for a person like me coming from a middle-class background. After this purchase, my approach towards life changed and I became more accountable in almost all spheres of my life.

  • Next Big Purchase

Difficult to say off-hand. You set yourself yet another goal after tasting success in life. After achieving certain things in life, you feel that you have get all the necessary luxuries of life. I began to cultivate a feeling of not wanting to be materialistic.

  • Money Mistake

I had invested in mutual funds before the 2008 financial crisis when the market was high, but withdrew all of it at a loss. My timing of entering and exiting the market wasn't right. It was the biggest mistake of my life.

  • Money Mantra

I do not want to be materialistic, but the values prevailing in the professional circuit forces you to take a different approach to money. In today's world, you do not succeed only on the basis of talent. Money is required for talents to blossom. One should learn to respect the money.

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