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Bank Holidays in Assam 2017

Bank Holidays in Assam 2017
There are numerous bank holidays in Assam. These include the popular national holidays, as well as the holidays that are so typical to the state of Assam. Among the popular public holidays in Assam is the Republic Day, Independence day and the Gandhi Jayanthi festival.

Note: The 2'nd Saturday and 4'th Saturday of every month as public holiday for banks in India.  

Popular bank holidays in Assam 
It would not be right to say, which bank holidays are popular in the city of Assam. In fact, we believe that people of Assam celebrate most of the bank holidays with great fun and gaiety. They love their holidays is all we can say. People of Assam are a very friendly loving people and they spend time during these holidays with their family and friends. Public holidays for them are a great time to go outing with their loved ones.

However, many individuals also have their own leisure time to do things and plan things that they like. For example, if they love mother nature, they would love to go trekking. This is despite the terrain being very tough in Assam. Another problem is that it would take an entire day to travel if you are traveling from another place or city to spend your holidays in Assam. It is, therefore paramount that if you are in Assam you plan your holidays and try and club the same with another public holiday, like a Saturday or a Sunday. This would enable you to make the best of your holidays in the state of Assam. In any case, we have provided a list of bank holidays in Assam for our discerning readers. You may kindly take a note of them. 

Things do in Assam on Bank holidays 
During public holidays people of Assam tend to spend time with their family and also go for outings. There are various places to visit in Assam during the government holidays. These include the Assam State zoo and the Kaziranga state park. Some of these are full day events and would take the entire day. People from the nearby states also visit Assam. The state is also known for its famous tea gardens. So in short, there are a number of things to see and do in Assam on government holidays. Do not miss out to make the most of the public and important festivals that the city sees. Among the other activities that are possible during bank holidays in Assam are trekking with the mountainous terrains of Assam. Guwahati is the capital of the state and the most populous. The state is rich in traditions and culture, with a unique and very delectable cuisine. Assam is also known for its silk and the one horned Rhinoceros. Silchar, Bongaigaon, Dimapur are famous cities of Assam. One thing that instantly comes to mind when one talks of Assam is the tea gardens in the state. The state is best known for its expansive tea estates. Assam capital is Dispur from Shillong. In fact, it should not surprise many individuals to know that the first oil well in Asia was drilled in Assam. 

What is Bihu festival in Assam? 
In Assam there are a set of festivals called Bihu festivals. These festival is celebrated on three diffrent days in a year. These three days are bank holidays in Assam. This three days don't come in row or on the same date every year. As these festivals are celebrated as per the Hindu calendar. For the people of Assam Bihu is the most important festival so these days are public holidays in Assam. These festivals are celebrated in unity irrespective of the caste, creed, religion, faith or belief. Those three festivals are Magh Bihu Bohag Bihu Kati Bihu Magh Bihu - Magh Bihu is celebrated by feasts and bonfires. On this day youngsters make shift huts which are called as Meji or Bhelaghar. They use bamboo, leaves, and thatch, and eat the food prepared for the feast in those and then burn the huts the next morning. On that day Assamese games are conducted such as pot-breaking and buffalo fighting. This festival is a Bank holiday in Assam. Bohag Bihu - This festival is also called as rangali bihu. This day is Assamese new year. This festival unites the people of Assam regardless of their religions or backgrounds and promotes the celebration of diversity in India. This festival is state holiday in Assam. Kati Bihu - This festival is also called as kongali Bihu. This festival is celebrated in a great manner in rural areas, On this day individuals plant a basil tree courtyard of their household and for the whole Assamese month of Kati, they worship that Tulsi plant with an earthen lamp. This day is also a bank holiday in Assam. 

Visit These fantastic places in the north-east on a Bank Holiday in Assam? 

Majuli is one of the must visit places. It is a river island in the Brahmaputra River, and this place is also recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records as World's Largest River Island. Majuli is surrounded by two rivers on the north by the Brahmaputra and on the south Burhi dihing. Auniati Satra, Dakhinpat Satra, Garmur, Kamalabari Satra, etc. there are places to visit around Majuli. It will be a great option to visit Majuli during a bank holiday in Assam. 

Cherrapunjee is also called as the wettest place on the earth. It is so called because it has a record for the most rainfall in a calendar month and a year. The best attractions here are Nohkalikai Falls, Dainthlen Falls, David Scott Memorial Stone, Arwah Cave, etc. There are a large number of places to visit around Cherrapunjee during a bank holiday in Assam. 

Dawki is a must visit place if you are living in Assam. Umngot River Dawki is not only one of the best tourist attraction in Assam. But also one of the best tourist attraction in India. This river is possibly India’s cleanest river. It will be so clear that it is very hard to find its depth. This is also which you must plan to go during a bank holiday in Assam. 


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